(01) The present web site discloses and keeps available to the world community, the updated content of the international document entitled AQUARIAN AGENDA, together with its permanent annex entitled WORLD NETWORK OF AQUARIAN STATIONS, in Brazilian Portuguese, as well as the access links to similar web sites where the same content can be found in other languages, amongst the most spoken internationally, particularly in the West.

(02) THE AQUARIAN AGENDA is a document without a defined origin and was born from several voluntary contributions, along a few years, starting on 1998, being made available on the web for the first time through the web site http://www.agendaaquariana.org.br/, thanks to the support of the AURORA NETWORK, one of the World Networks of Aquarian Stations, committed to the perspective revealed by the AQUARIAN AGENDA.

(03) Eventual adjustments in both documents, Main Document and its Annex, will be provided always in Brazilian Portuguese and then translated to the other languages through the care of the Commission to Disseminate the Aquarian Agenda, this team being voluntarily sheltered by the AURORA NETWORK, an international universalist entity with it’s head office located in Irati, State of Paraná, Brazil, with humanitarian and no profit driven perspectives (E-mail: agenda.aquariana.br@gmail.com).

(04) THE AQUARIAN AGENDA gathers twenty two (22) “directives” or ACTION VECTORS, responsible for the articulation of actions undertaken, in global network, by the whole of the planetary Aquarian community, active in all the continents, although without a formal leadership of any sort or nature.

(05) The annex “WORLD NETWORKS OF AQUARIAN STATIONS”, on its hand, presents the sixteen (16) “keys” or “referential words” relating to each one of the future “Aquarian Nations”, nickname given to the sixteen (16) WORLD NETWORKS OF AQUARIAN STATIONS, which would be in the process of self identification on a planetary scale, including from the current shelters or refuges, ecovillages, communities, observatories, retreats, ecological farms and farmsteads, organic storehouse stations, base camps for UFO studies, naturalist colonies and alternative settlements, among so many other rural and urban initiatives undertaken worldwide.

(06) The translation to other languages of the Main document (AQUARIAN AGENDA) and its annex (WORLD NETWORKS) is free and should be divulged together with the date of the Portuguese version taken as base for the translation and the actual URL to the current version, which is:

The idea is for the broadcast of the AQUARIAN AGENDA within the various languages to be done worldwide with a minimum of coherence.

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Last update of this document: May 29th, 2010


United by the Heart, all members of the growing Aquarian family, in loving syntony of purposes, from the higher planes of Consciousness, coordinate their superior wills and practical actions to precipitate into the physicality, from now, the AQUARIAN CIVILIZATION on GAIA (the Planet Earth) so that this corner of Infinity may also become, like many other worlds, a place of peace, of real physical and spiritual prosperity, of truth toward each other and of absolute opening to the Infinite Cosmos, reason why in common agreement and based on maximum fraternal goodwill and full of respect to the civilization which now ends its cycle, they decree, at global level, and beyond all frontiers, internal and external to the Being, the following twenty-two directives to coordinate the work and dedication of all the LIGHT WORKERS.

Directive 01

To conceive, to implant, to develop and to maintain, throughout the world and according to sixteen (16) different characteristics (see the ANNEX document), thousands of agro-ecological settlements, that may follow from purely linear to radio-concentric shaped structure patterns (mandalas-like), or more complex or mixed compositions, to be located in relatively isolated geographic sites and above 720 meters over the present sea level, placed on watersheds, on top of hills, on mountain tops, on plateaus, or natural amphitheaters, always using the terracing technique, through walls or sustaining stone walls, aiming at a precise definition of its vibrational limits and of its geometric characteristics as cell units of sixteen WORLD NETWORKS OF AQUARIAN STATIONS, which, in any event, should avoid coastal maritime areas, even if mountainous, as well as river banks, lakes or ponds, the inside of forests, native or otherwise, and seismic regions of great destructive potential;

Directive 02

To implement such settlements in terms of agro-ecological cells solutions (isolated and self-determined as “independent cells”), and according to NETWORKS with planetary spread, and that, while possible, should operate a strong commitment to local and micro-regional realities and their native population, while practicing, on one hand, the intercropping and the so called “food and herbs-gardening”, in radical replacement of the monocultures in general and the massive production of livestock, and on the other hand, practicing also a wide planetary reforestation;

Directive 03

Each one of the 16 WORLD NETWORKS should have the collective possession of the land and of the general improvements made on them, and multiple forms or modalities of accession as long as the socio-cultural system still in force remains, besides abdicating from the institutes of private ownership of real estate property and its stationary improvements, as well as of all territorial frontiers, in all scales, adopting, in the place of those, shared jurisdictions of eco-environmental and humanitarian responsibility providing civil defense and help to refugees in general, always as a NETWORK;

Directive 04

The mentioned settlements, so called “Aquarians”, should be organized according to structures that accommodate the single-family model of social and communitary organization, and children, from the age of seven to eight years old, should gather in common housing, separated by gender, under the guidance of their parents and of the whole of the community, in terms of the educational and community life formation paradigms in WORLD NETWORK, where the traditional serial school disappears in favor of master-disciple relationships and of the interactivity of all personnel involved, based on common interest themes and specialized teaching spaces, according to each stage or phase of the child and youth;

Directive 05

All elders and all temporary or permanently handicapped people should be welcomed by the communities under the orientations harbored by each NETWORK. Everybody in the community stands as fathers or mothers, uncles or aunts, grandfathers or grandmothers, sons and daughters of one to another, and in a world scale, being possible the personnel mobility between the different NETWORKS aiming to better assist those cases identified as of particular complexity;

Directive 06

For the maintenance and recovery of health, each individual, the communities in general and all the WORLD NETWORKS should consider, increasingly, the use of therapies essentially vibrational, energetic and natural, as well as extrasensory techniques, to seek for alternatives based on non-physical technologies, or, in anyway, universal, including the use of assistance from non-physical intelligences or those remotely located in space-time, and the practice of self-healing as well, using their own internal resources;

Directive 07

Individuals, communities and the NETWORKS in general will seek to increasingly transcend their demands for ancient, traditional or modern religious practices, but will seek to celebrate the birth and the passing (the natural death of the physical body), to study and practice meditation, contemplation and and guided creativity (dance, music, art applied to utilities in general and to technological development), as well as to dominate the states of consciousness outside the physical body and direct or extrasensory experiences with non-terrestrial intelligences or aliens, as well as with intelligences without expression in the physical level, members of all Kingdoms;

Directive 08

Network members shall neither breed animals for slaughter, for meat and other meet products consumption by humans, nor breed animals for load labor or entertainment, experiments or companionship, but instead shall care, in the wild, for the whole of the fauna, flora and environment, while experiencing a nutrition heavily based on raw vegetables and fruits;

Directive 09

The network members shall use, creatively and inventively, in the short to medium term, multiple alternative sources of renewable energies with low eco-environmental impact, while they shall engage also on the development of Parasciences as Radionics, Psychotronics and Instrumental Trans-communication (Electronic Voice Phenomena), as well as the experience, under the Ufology, of its various aspects and international actions or commitment fronts, seeking, inclusively, to break the constraints imposed by the unofficial political cover-up policies, generally held for shady purposes, of the presence of intra-terrestrial and extra-terrestrial beings on Earth, since immemorial times;

Directive 10

The network members shall not generate surpluses for commercialization nor shall industrialize goods and utilities, but rather will exchange among themselves, openly, the experiments, inventions, discoveries, knowledge, patents in general, models, projects, prototypes, materials, seeds and seedlings of common interest, spreading not products but knowledge and solutions that ensure to other communities and other WORLD NETWORKS their mutual independence and increasing levels of cooperation;

Directive 11

Each community, of each one of the sixteen (16) WORLD NETWORKS, should establish itself in geographic sites located at above a minimum of 720 meters over the current sea level, particularly in the countryside, avoiding in this way, the environmental depredation of forests and woodlands, and they shall not grow (swell), but shall multiply themselves like cells, organized in NETWORKS on a world wide scale, with planned settlements for a minimum of 170 and a maximum of 710 permanent residents, on average, but with capacity for up to a ten percent of surplus population, for the proper housing of community members in regional or global transit;

Directive 12

The network members will not share ideals linked to purposes that aim at the implementation of a central government, unique and planetary, but rather will seek the self-government on the individual level and on the level of human communities organized in networks, besides availing of local, regional, continental, hemispheric and planetary meetings to ensure the necessary harmony among all the NETWORKS and their relationship with each other and with the Planet Gaia (Earth) and Life;

Directive 13

The network members will seek not to serve party-political or paramilitary causes of any type or kind, but rather work cooperatively for the practical build up of new possibilities for themselves and for all, accepting the death of the current civilization and its values, practices and institutions as a process just as natural as necessary for the human spiritual progress;

Directive 14

The network members will seek, for each Aquarian Station and for all 16 WORLD NETWORKS, increasing levels of self-determination, self-sufficiency and self-maintenance in face of the current model, model that no longer reflects adequately the consciousness levels that each day show themselves more capable of manifestation on Gaia (Earth), generation after generation;

Directive 15

All Sixteen (16) WORLD NETWORKS will increasingly support the intensive and experimental development of light crafts for flight, with emphasis, in the short term, on handcrafted solutions that allow vertical takeoff and landing, and will seek to avail, as a means of transport for the global interconnection of all NETWORKS, of dirigible balloons and ultra-light aircraft with rotary-wing, among other means, until other technologies become available, leaving aside the transport means based on highways, on traditional railroads and on the use of watercraft vessels;

Directive 16

The network members will seek to ensure to each community member the right to know all regions of Gaia (Earth) through the settlements integrant of the WORLD NETWORK with which each one affinitized the most, and of sharing experiences with residents of other NETWORKS through the exchange of talents, services and knowledge of common interest, or even through the implementation of settlements of common interest to all WORLD NETWORKS, managed and maintained cooperatively, seeking specific purposes or the shelter of special activities, including among them, BEACONS of geodesic interest and air and space navigation, LIGHTHOUSES for eco-forestry monitoring and recovery of the Life sustainability processes on Gaia (Earth), WAREHOUSES for sharing or distribution of any eventual production surplus and to support joint missions or moving groups of volant manufacturers, CENTERS for the manufacture and incubation of technology initiatives and advanced studies, COLONIES for reception, emergency care, intensive training and inclusion of refugees in general and BASES or complexes of interplanetary bases of open access to non-terrestrial peoples;

Directive 17

Each WORLD NETWORK may adopt, over time, clothing and footwear characteristic to them, as well as may define, together, the identification elements for the collective recognition of the special roles or expertise that the community understands for good to highlight or recognize to some of its members, temporarily or permanently;

Directive 18

The network members will increasingly recognize the elderly, men and women, the condition of legislators and local referees, being up to the communities themselves, and the WORLD NETWORKS gathered in assembly, to overcome conflicts of interests or demands and to decide about the directions and procedures for the managing of their respective evolutionary processes and those of the global community;

Directive 19

There will not be and will not be promoted territorial boundaries of any kind, but only delimitations of jurisdictions of ecological and environmental responsibility in NETWORK and for the cooperative management of natural resources, while the demands for them cannot be replaced by other solutions or even eliminated. Alternative means, conventional or otherwise, of electricity generation, traction, transport, communications, materials in general and individual and collective health restoration, among other resources, will be lovingly and generously shared among all WORLD NETWORKS through common procedures to be well-timed established;

Directive 20

Local, regional, continental, hemispheric and global conclaves will schedule the meetings of the NETWORKS with one another and the communities that integrate each one of them, always expecting the promotion of brotherhood among all, and the adequate conditions to life’s full manifestation in all its expressions and the mutual cooperation in the context of issues of interest of the parts in communion;

Directive 21

The Sixteen (16) WORLD NETWORKS — generically called ARAMAS, a term that means "brotherly" or "brotherhoods" — will adopt worldwide a single denomination for the planet Earth, which is "GAIA", as well the gentile IAMASSÍ for all those residing in any of the 16 "Aquarian Nations," while they will keep, with alien peoples in general, as well as with intelligences without physical expression in our space-time dimension, the best relations of mutual respect and cooperation for the good of all hierarchies of the Human Kingdom, represented or not on GAIA, and will cooperate, whenever called, with individuals, groups, or isolated or nomadic camps and which, for some motif or reason, have found difficulties to shelter themselves in one of the sixteen (16) WORLD NETWORKS OF AQUARIAN STATIONS (“Aquarian Nations” or ARAMAS) during, or even after the events related to the rupture phase of the current cultural model, as a stage of the Pisces-to-Acquarius Transition;

Directive 22

All settlements, of all the 16 WORLD NETWORKS OF AQUARIAN STATIONS ("Aquarian Nations" or ARAMAS) will keep, at their facilities, suitable sites for the landing or manifestation of machines, assemblies or non-terrestrial transport equipments (vimanas, igai-mans, volitors, chalandris, amacis and cassandras in general), coming from any cultural systems of space or linked to other orbs, with which each community will come to contact physically or hyper-physically, placing GAIA and its people back in the larger contexts of the Sidereal ONE-Consciousness as a WHOLE and of their particular HUMAN expression, not only as a terrestrial phenomenon, but as cosmo-universal and celestial reality, independently of the morphological aspects of the physical and nonphysical expressions of the protagonists involved in this process.


"The Aquarian Nations"

Last update of this Annex: May 29th, 2010
Reference language: Brazilian Portuguese

(01) The listing below shows de sixteen (16) WORLD NETWORKS of intentional peaceful, ecological, reencarnationist, trans-dimensional and interplanetary settlements (open to extra and inter-terrestrial beings, as well as to space and hyper-physical civilizations so far still not recognized by the current generations and by the dominant culture), which shall inaugurate the AQUARIAN CIVILIZATION on the GAIA Planet (Earth), as from the fraternal and cooperative shelter of the remaining survivors of the PISCES-AQUARIUS transition process (Pisces-Acquarius Transition).

(02) Such 16 WORLD NETWORKS are the expression on the GAIA Planet (Earth) and in the physical plan of manifestation, of the 16 hierarchies, orders, phalanges or fleets upon which are organized, by affinity, the Space and interplanetary people, of different origins, all represented within the so called EARTH PROJECT, or rather, the rescue of the Planet, its recovery for new evolutionary purposes, and also for the re-introduction of the general conditions for the sustainability of life, the genetic fitting of the biological availabilities (bodies) for the birth of individual human souls in terrestrial physical bodies – these souls equally from different origins – and monitoring of the conditions for the evolution of their respective process, as well as the full and open revelation of those hierarchies through the daily contact with the earthlings (YAMASSIS), on increasing scale.

(03) The mentioned 16 WORLD NETWORKS are in the process of self-creation and self-recognition, and the settlements now under development, for the most part, still (2008) are not grouped by affinity, and also in most cases, still do not follow the characteristic patterns of each one of the sixteen (16) WORLD NETWORKS OF AQUARIAN STATIONS revealed by the AQUARIAN AGENDA. Many initiatives are still dispersed, diffused, not recognizing themselves and each other, knowing little or nothing about the relationship they have with each other, although strongly linked in the more subtle planes of consciousness where their protagonists are more lucid and less attached to cultural values still dominant, individually and collectively.

(04) The 16 WORLD NETWORKS in question – also called “AQUARIAN NATIONS” – are hereinafter referred to as 16 "keys" or "mantra" names, in this case in Brazilian Portuguese, where such "keys" were recorded from various psychic sources and therefore, anonymous.

(05) In order to introduce themselves to each other, those NETWORKS shall be present at the Internet with own domain and website (dot org) in which each one should, besides presenting the Key they are tuned on, open their presentations with a link (URL) on the website of the AQUARIAN AGENDA – http://agendaaquariana.blogspot.com/

(06) The formal communication with other NETWORKS already self-identified would complete the process. In the case of double or triple choice of the same “key”, those involved should seek proper understanding to overcome the apparent impasse since all 16 WORLD NETWORKS OF AQUARIAN STATIONS have a good time to carry out the adjustments that may be necessary including through mergers, splits and relocations, content and model reviews, among other measures of cooperative and fraternal nature.

(07) There is no formal, planetary or international, leadership, but only a NETWORK communication from the leaders of each NETWORK SELF-IDENTIFIED or from groups and initiatives which would be living the process of SELF-IDENTIFICATION, this fact will eventually consolidate the 16 future “nations” that will have Gaia Planet (Earth) as their free and common territory.


The currently self-identified NETWORKS are in bold letters.

The current numbering was not published until June 18, 2008

(01) ALPHA World Network of Aquarian Stations

(02) SOLAR World Network of Aquarian Stations

(03) GAMMA World Network of Aquarian Stations

(04) NATIVA World Network of Aquarian Stations

(05) LUZ World Network of Aquarian Stations

(06) CRISTAL World Network of Aquarian Stations

(07) ARCO-IRIS World Network of Aquarian Stations

(08) AURORA World Network of Aquarian Stations

(09) MANDALA World Network of Aquarian Stations

(10) PLATINA World Network of Aquarian Stations

(11) RAMA World Network of Aquarian Stations

(12) SAFIRA World Network of Aquarian Stations

(13) LOTUS World Network of Aquarian Stations

(14) ORION World Network of Aquarian Stations

(15) RUBI World Network of Aquarian Stations

(16) VIOLETA World Network of Aquarian Stations
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